Follow the story of the candle keeper, a gentle problem solver of a petrified forest that is threatened by an encroaching darkness. Light candles to keep the creature causing the darkness at bay, and find out the secrets and stories the forest has to offer!

Candle Keeper is a University of Wisconsin- Stout student made game, about 3 months of work made by our group Cryptid Cult.  It was designed for use on a tablet. 



  • Tap on screen arrows/icons
  • Tap to jump
  • Flame Ability- Select from Ability menu, then tap and drag to pull flame around
  • Platform Ability- Select from Ability menu, then tap to place. Tap again to remove. 
  • Rope Ability- Select from Ability menu, then tap to place. Jump up to use. 


  • WASD and arrow keys for movement
  • Left mouse click to interact with Dialogue and tutorial bubbles, objects, ability menu, and general menu
  • Space, W, or up arrow to jump
  • P to pause the game and bring up the Pause Menu
  • Escape to exit game
  • Keys 0-3 to switch abilities (0- Mask/walk. 1- Flame, 2- Platforms, 3- Fire)
  • Flame Ability- Select in ability menu, or press 1. Then left click and hold with mouse to drag around flame to light things
  • Platform Ability- Select in ability menu or press 2. Then Left click on the spot you want a platform. Left click platform again to remove it
  • Rope Ability- Select in ability menu or press 3. Then Left click on spot you want to place the Rope. Jump up to use it

Install instructions



Because it is an android APK file, it only works on phones and tablets currently. Current file (1/23/20) works best on tablets. To install it:

  • Download the file
  • Use Android Package Installer
  • (Let it install!)
  • Open the game through list of applications, if it doesn't automatically open

If the game does not install, because of an older version of android device, you might have to activate developer mode on your android device. Individual instructions for how to do that should be available by googling, and the game should be able to be installed and opened afterwards. 


  • Download game file (CandleKeeperPC)
  • Uzip file in application of your choice
  • Open folder
  • Double click on Candle Keeper (Application) to open and play!

The game occasionally has issues with different pc types, it does work however. If you find yourself having issues with the PC downloaded version, try the browser version instead. 


Download 69 MB
CandleKeeper_v1.3.1.apk 61 MB

Development log


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This looks cute. Is there any update on the timeline for the computer version? If not I can try on my phone I suppose. 

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Hiya! Candle Keeper dev here! We're glad you enjoy the look of the game!  :D  We're sorry it's taking a  awhile to get the PC version online, with the holidays having happened we took time off to spend time with those we're close to. But now those are over, and we're full of holiday food we're working on the game again! We hope to have the PC version online soon!

This game is awesome! :D

The game was made for a tablet so the buttons and text seem small when it is played on a phone.